Anonimo: Oh thank you. He's so fucking hot can't take it anymore. :(

Nothing, and sorry again for the wait! :)

Anonimo: 3:10 please www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=S_559OOUN40

I’m really sorry to late, now i can do requests again and i’m going to do it now! Sorry again

Okay. I’m in mountain and I haven’t got a computer. I want to go back home but my mother wants to stay here until sunday. I finished my internet on telephone and i haven’t wi fi.
Seriously i can’t stay here anymore. I need city and computer and my bed and my wi fi and make gifs and shit it’s the third weeks that i’m here.
Anyway, i want to say you sorry now because i think for the next two days i’ll be really absence and i won’t post anything

Anonimo: Am I the only one that thinks A7X should play an acoustic set? Like their ballads, and slower songs. That would be nice...

I was think about that this night, because I was listening to Acid Rain and Crimson Day and I was like “oh god these songs are amazing, slow songs are amazing” and yes probably they should, maybe they’ll do:)

Anonimo: I sent in a request for when Brian went to Mckenna's school.

I know but I’m not able to do request in this moment, I hope tomorrow I’ll have my pc to do. Sorry